New words


As some of you may have noticed, the picture above is of a scrabble board, for those of you unfamiliar with the game: it is a word game were points are scored depending on various criteria (see: How many times have I ended up with the letters ‘M, L, Q, R, S, S, Y’ or something similar and just knew it wasn’t going to be my night. New modern words such as LDR (Long Distance Relationship), FIL (Father-In-Law), srsly (SeRiouSLY) and ceeb (Can’t Be arsed) are now coming to the rescue as many of them are entering the Oxford English Dictionary as NOUNS!!! To the scrabble purists this is a sacrilege as these are traditionally abreviations (which aren’t allowed in this game).

Keeping up with these changes is difficult enough for native English speakers (of a certain age), so I can imagine how more painful it must be for non native speakers. As Miranda Hart said in an interview with Graham Norton ( 12 minutes in) ‘children don’t use words anymore, they use acronysms’.

So how to keep up. One of the best ways is to watch british comedies such as ‘The Inbetweeners’, ‘Fresh Meat’ or any other modern TV programme. Another way is to keep up to date by going to: or But whatever you do, keep reading listening and speaking as much as possible in English.


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