Listening 14/01/14


Farming Today: 5.45 GMT, Last year a huge scandal arose in Britain when it was discovered that some food companies were passing off horse meat as beef. Today’s programme investigates whether anything has changed.

One to One: 9.30 GMT, In this series the presenter uncovers how her guests chose their careers.

Shared Planet: 11.00 GMT How can local communities share the space with local wildlife.

You and Yours: 12.00 GMT The future of the high street: With big business driving prices down and SMEs out of business, how can the high street survive?

Acts of Union and Disunion: 13.45 GMT, Explores the disparity between the north and south (of Britain) in wealth and living.

Word of Mouth: 16.00, Today’s programme looks at ‘office jargon’.

File on 4: 20.00 GMT, Water bills are rising, but why? Find out where all your money is going.


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