What can you do on a computer? (Speaking part 2)


Talk about something you can do on a computer that you think is enjoyable.
You should mention:
– What equipment or software you need to do that
– What you need to do to do it
– What kind of people it is popular with
And say if you would like to spend more time doing that or not, and why

The speaking part is always personal and so the ideas I have presented in note form below are just my personal thoughts. They are there just to give you an example of how this topic can be developed.

Making cartoons:

Equipment: a computer, scanner, photoshop, illustrator, flash (micromedia)

What you need: tracing paper, a pencil, a rubber, drawing skills, lots of patience and an idea.

People it is popular with: Not exactly sure, but most probably someone who enjoys drawing or art in general or who is in the arts.

Good as a hobby as it helps me forget about daily routines. Takes me away from reality, where everything is possible, just depends on imagination.



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