This weeks Listening (17-23/02/14)



These programmes can only be listened to while they are being broadcast, after the original broadcast or if they are repeats.

Monday 17:

Farming Today: Illegal poaching in the UK, 5.45 GMT,

Beyond Belief: The role of religion in Putin’s Russia, 16.30 GMT,

Just a Minute: Comedy, 18.30 GMT,

Tuesday 18:

One to One: Combining motherhood with a high flying career, 9.30 GMT,

Inside Health: Why cycle lanes may be bad for your health, 21.00 GMT,

Wednesday 19:

Moral Maze: Discussing moral problems, 20.00 GMT,

Thursday 20:

Inside Science: A look at modern research and its impact on our world, 16.30 GMT,

Jason Cook’s School of Hard Knocks (1/16): The pitfalls of making a best man’s speach, 18.30 GMT,

Friday 21:

The News Quiz (2/9): Comedy (a favourite to any avid Radio 4 listener), 18.30 GMT,

This list will be reviewed as more information is provided about various programmes.


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