The listening part of the test lasts a maximum of 30 minutes, usually it goes on for 25. There are 4 sections each having 10 questions. Each section is harder than the previous.
The first section is usually testing your ability to listen out for names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates, prices and some specific detail.
The second part is a monologue about a non-accademic topic where you need to listen out for specific words or phrases.
The third is a coversation between up to 4 people about an accademic topic or related to a course the students are on.
The last one is again a monologue in the style of a lecture or a talk.

At the end of the test you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to an answer sheet. While doing this you need to make sure that:
All names of people, streets, towns, countries and so on start with a capital;
The spelling of each word is correct;
Your answers have no more than three words
Each question is answered (have a guess if you haven’t heard the answer).

In this following document you will find extra tips to improving your listening and reasons why you may ‘miss’ the answer despite knowing all the words.
Listening for IELTS
And for more explanation on the same subject:
English is a Stress-based Language

For the following listening exercises, please go on to the links provided.
Most of theses listening exercises are based on the BBC radio’s ‘6 Minute English’ and ‘Witness’ series.

The Hobbit:
The Hobbit 1
The Hobbit 2
The Hobbit 3

Crossing the Rubicon:
The crossing of the Rubicon
The crossing of the Rubicon 1
The crossing of the Rubicon 2

Driving on Mars:
MP3 and PDF files: Listening 1
Listening 2
Listening 3

Global Waste:
MP3 and PDF files: Global waste listening 1
Global waste listening 2
Global waste listening 3

Scott of the Antarctic:
MP3 and PDF files:
Listening 2
Listening 3
Listening 4

Night skies:
MP3 and PDF files:
Listening night skies
Listening night skies 2
(answers are to be added)

Sham weddings:
MP3 and PDF files:
Sham weddings 1
Sham weddings 2
Sham wedding 3

TV addicts:
MP3 and PDF files:
TV addicts 1
TV addicts 2
TV addicts 3
TV addicts 4


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