In the reading part of the test you will have 1 hour to answer 40 questions. In both the academic and general tests there are three sections.
In the academic test there are three long texts. In the general each section has a different theme. The first one usually deals with advertisments or leaflets given out in a local community advertising an event. The second has an academic focus in that it presents pamphlets for university open days or courses on offer. The last section is an academic text.

Read the following to find out more on how to answer different types of questions:
Reading for IELTS

The following articles have been taken from on-line British newspapers and include:
The original article;

Early risers get ahead of the game

The Alma:
Meet Alma

Does life speed up as you get older?
Does life speed up as you get older

The psychology of Tetris:
The psychology of Tetris

Keep neighbourhoods clean:
(General IELTS)
Keen to keep neighbourhoods clean

Fort York, Toronto:
(General IELTS)
Fort York

Gonville and Caius:
(General IELTS, section 2)
Caius colledge

London Science Museum:
(General IELTS)
London Science Museum

(General IELTS)

Winter freeze:
(General IELTS)
Taken from page 10 of

Power to the people:
(General IELTS)
Taken from page 5 of

The biology of a record-breaker:
The biology of a record

Find a hotel:
(General IELTS)
These advertisements were found on

!0 best bicycles:
(General IELTS)
The 10 best commuter bikes

Women can smell a wimp:
Women can smell a wimp

The beginnings of writing:
Did Stone Age cavemen talk to each other in symbols

Jellyfish aliens:
Aliens could resemble jellyfish the size of a football field says government advisor

Saturn’s moons:
A ringside seat to see Saturn and her moons

Migration of species:
America threatened by sea species hitching a ride on tsunami debris

Global waste:
Charity condemns tourists

Scott of the Antarctic:
Four things Captain Scott found in Antarctica

Night skies:
Exmoor National Park given night sky protection

Do typefaces really matter


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